red-footed tortoise

  1. T

    Red footed tortoise escaped in my backyard (not fenced!)

    My Joy is a 12” male red-footed tortoise, he escaped this afternoon around 6:30–8:00pm...the weather was raining and day started to get dark. My husband and I hold a flashlight on our phone, and looked around everywhere in our backyard(completely not fenced), even some part of our opening...
  2. Emily Anderson

    ADOPT - Super friendly Red-Footed Tortoise - Seattle

    Hello Everyone, It is with a very heavy heart that I find myself writing this post. Due to upcoming moves and an uncertain future, I am not going to be able to provide for my little man, Boris the Tortoise, and give him the quality of life he deserves. Boris is Red-Footed tortoise about 13...
  3. R

    Hatchling - Shell fungus???

    Hello dear tortoise lovers from all over the world! My name Is Radek and I'm from Czech republic. I have my first tortoise and Red-footed it is. First of all, let me thank you for all advices and helpful Information about tortoise care and enclosure setup that are available on this forum. I have...
  4. M

    Nail sheath fell off

    So I was cleaning out some food from my red-foots habitat, when I found a nail lying on the ground near a rock. When I examined my guys, I found that it was off the older one, but that he still had his nail there (just sharper and thinner), so I guess it's just the outer portion. My question is...
  5. Jnics10

    Aggression/Change in Personality

    Ugh, for some reason I'm getting kicked out every time I try to post... Anyway, I'm heartbroken because my Red-footed best friend Tyrus has gone from being nicknamed "cuddletort" to "the angry baby" It all started a couple months ago when he was still super friendly and cuddly, but started...