russian tortoise health

  1. S

    Is my Russian Tortoise healthy?

    This is my 8ish year old Russian tortoise I have had him for about 5 years and I just want to know if he looks ok, Especially because there are some black dots on his shell. Thank you.
  2. Honeybunnfarms

    Fragrances and Torts

    I was curious about how dangerous are fragrances to Russian Tortoises? I can’t use fragrances right now but when I go back to college I like to wear perfume and so does my roommate. I’ve heard that torts arent as sensitive to smells as birds but I need to know what is/ isn’t harmful for them...
  3. K

    New Russian Tort Possibly has shell rot..? Please help!

    I recently got a Russian tort and he's very active, but I noticed his shell is peeling on very small parts and on the underside of the shell, he's got a white spot, almost like exposed bone? It was this way when I purchased him but I didn't think it was shell rot until I looked it up to make...
  4. Honeybunnfarms

    Normal Russian Tortoise health

    Hi! I just got my first tortoise a few weeks ago! (Rosie is her name, thinking she is a girl) She has been pretty active although kinda sleepy too, is this normal? She will hide and sleep randomly throughout the day and I want to make sure she’s doing ok! Also what I’ve read about urates, hers...