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    How do I sex my Russian tortise?

    So we took in a male Russian tortise from a friend who was giving it away and I’ve had him for about a week and I’m starting to think he’s not a male. From all the images around we think he is actually a female but I’m needing help with sexing her/him.
  2. Bilbo’s New Home (pt. 2)

    Bilbo’s New Home (pt. 2)

    Bilbo’s old owner never bathed him nor cleaned his tank so I’ve been bathing him every three days and have made what I believe to be a bioactive terrarium with night crawlers and redwigglers to help reduce the amount of waste in the tank I have to clean.
  3. Bilbo’s New Home (pt.1)

    Bilbo’s New Home (pt.1)

    Bilbo is my first ever tortoise. He is just over 2 years old and I adopted him 4/9/20 from someone off of Craigslist. Bilbo seems to be in good shape but seems a little timid. He hasn’t eaten in front of me yet but every other day I set out fresh spring mix in his bowl and keep his water dish full.
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    Penelope in a patch of wild violets, looking as beautiful as always