1. Aidan ❤️

    Bedding for Russian tortoises?

    I’ve had my female Russian tort for about two years and I’ve bounced (safely) around about 7-8 beddings. At first, I had Guinnea pigs and I got the tort as a surprise so I used some wood shavings that I used for my Guinnea pigs and it worked temporarily. Then I got mulch shavings and different...
  2. NewtThePinkbelly

    Substrate Help!

    Hey there! My boyfriend and I recently got some awesome news! Someone in the neighborhood is selling a 125 gallon tank and stand for 300 dollars! What a steal! Now we just have to worry about substrates. We have been using riverbed sand for our 40 gallon tank, but now that we are getting a new...
  3. Tanyabobanya

    Soil, coco, for indoor night enclosure help

    Hello! I’m asking a question I’ve asked for months and still am not sure.. what kind of soil to use for an indoor enclosure I use for rainy days/ cold nights? For my outdoor one I went as far as mentioning this to my gardener who drove to the mountains and brought back the finest soil you could...