separated scute

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    fungal infection/ separating / lifting of the scute

    i don’t know what’s happening but he was sitting on a cucumber and now his shell is separating from the other scute. has anyone else had this happen? should i make an appointment?
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    Turtle Scute Cracked!!

    Hi! I’m posting this for a friend who has some turtles! They’re 10 months old! One is 66 grams and the other is 54 grams! Their shells are cracking a bit. I hope you can see in the picture that the top scutes have gaps instead of it all being smooth. Is this normal? I’ve tried to look at other...
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    Scute Splitting

    Aloha! Looking for some insight! We have had Bruce for 2 years next month. Hes anywhere between 7 and 12 yrs old, we arent really sure how old he is. The first year we had him he gained 18 pounds and went from 18 lb to 36 lbs and 8" around his middle. We aren't sure how much from last April...