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    Recommendations needed

    I am going away for a couple days soon And am worried about my tortoise (Tortellini) as recently she has flipped herself on her back and am worried she will do it when I am away So what I am asking does anyone have any suggestions for a small compact cheap security camera that will keep an eye...
  2. S

    At a loss! Need advice on deceased tortoise

    Hi everybody! I know it’s strange to ask this on here but I’m looking for some advice or something along those lines. A couple of years ago I took in a very very large sulcata tortoise in need of a home. A bad storm hit a few weeks ago and took down part of my fence and she escaped. Despite...
  3. M

    Watery Eyes

    Hello! I have a Cherry Head Tortoise, it's approximately about 4 months old. I've noticed that my tortoises eyes are watering, when I wake them up. They are eating and drinking still. Should I be concerned? Or is there anything I can do about it?
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    New to TortoiseForum.

    Hello and good afternoon! I am happy to now be a part of this community. I am about to become the very fortunate owner a 3-month old Testudo Kleinmanni. I have spent the last couple of months absorbing as much information about these little critters as I can, but I have a few questions that I...
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    Sulcata tortoises tail stuck

    Now we’ve had sulcatas for years but one of our 4 1/2 year olds was eating just fine one day then stopped the next we weren’t to worried about it at first but then it turned into a whole week! So we started looking him over and offering treats hoping that he was just getting tired of Romain...
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    Looking for heating suggestions for a large enclosed space.

    I have a few redfoot tortoises in an enclosed space which is wrapped in plastic wrap. It works well in keeping humidity in, but now I need ways to keep it consistently warm. Under the heat lamp is fine, but around the area can go below 70. Whats a cost effective way to keep it warm throughout...
  7. C

    Need suggestions to enclosed outdoor space for tortoises

    Hello peoples, Attached are photos of the enclosure we made using the under part of a children’s playhouse. I’m looking for suggestions on how to fully enclose this space for my tortoises. It is starting to get cold and I’m trying to figure out how I can transform this space into an enclosed...
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    New and looking for suggestions

    Hi everyone! My name is Rebecca. I live in Northeastern Pennsylvania. My family is looking into getting a Russian Tortoise. The breeder says the tort will be about 5 inches big when we get him/her. I have been researching Russian tortoises for awhile now. Our indoor enclosure will be 3 feet long...