1. Parais11

    Painted River Terrapin - Batagur Borneonsis

    Hello everyone. I just was lucky enough to acquire a beautiful 4 month old painted River terrapin. Anyone have any experience with these “little” guys. Regarding food, I have read a lot of breeders use mazuri Tortoise chow as this is low on protein and high in fiber (which these guys need)...
  2. Conor Belton

    Housing DBTs together

    Hi, seems like a silly question but I just need to know if two male diamond Back Terrapins (any subspecies) would live together peacefully if not could a male and a female live together in a big enough tank.
  3. mississippi_slider

    Lump on mississippi map terrapin's leg

    Hi all, new to the forum! Just after a little bit of advice - after returning my two boys (a mississippi map and a yellow belly slider) to their brand new tank today (after smashing their old one by dropping their basking rockery platform yesterday) I noticed that on the back leg of my map, a...
  4. DanTheGuppyMan

    Male Northern Diamondback Terrapin For??

    I have a 20 year old male Northern DBT, was purchased in 1998 as a hatchling. Let me know what you have to trade, open to all options!