1. ArmadilloPup

    Anyone ever raise wolf spiders?

    Only biology and invertebrate nuts allowed, no "squish it!" people! At work I was tossing something out and found a small wolf spider and her egg sac. She was tucked into some thick webbing and once I broke that, she ran away. But then I found an actual egg sack underneath the webbing. Once I...
  2. HorrorHaru-Redfoot

    I just got my pvc terrarium, but i got som problems.

    I got my new terrarium, but I got some problems. When I orderd my terrarium i thought the builder agreed to set up the lamps but he only brought the lamps, there might have been some communication problems. So the heat lamp and uvb light are still uninstalled, cause im insecure about screwing...
  3. Scollins17

    Enclosure Temperature

    Hi @Tom I have a yearling marginated I posted for about a week ago. I bought a glass terrarium like you recommended to help keep better control of the humidity. This terrarium is much taller than the box I was using so my 100w ceramic heating element is only getting the basking spot to about...
  4. Scollins17

    Tortoise Enclosure Cleaning

    Hi I'm buying a used vivarium for my yearling tortoise. Should I just wash it out with hot water and scrub it or is there any other disinfecting procedures I should do?
  5. J

    Tortoise doesn't seem to like his new enclosure? Please help :(

    Hey! I'm kinda at a loss here, I have had my russian tortoise for 2 years now, he used to be in a glass terrarium and he didn't seem to have any problems, I know it wasn't big enough but space and money makes my options limited. I decided to make him a new terrarium out of wood and pond lining...
  6. Mark_jaa

    Various questions regarding my new Redfoot! Please help!

    Hello, So, I'm a newb in tortoises, just got my Redfoot last Sunday. I've got many questions, since I've learnt a lot in this week of ownership, and each new day brings new worries for me! Would appreciate help from people here, since I've heard this forum is ideal for gathering knowledge. 1) I...
  7. Itsbeacons

    Anyone into Vivariums and Dart Frogs?

    Trying to get a thread going here about these little guys. There's not much talk online about vivariums or darts like there are for tortoises. I'm building a realistic vivarium with Bumble Bee Dart Frogs in them. I just bought an Exo Terra 18x18x24 terrarium for $150 on a 20% coupon, Josh's...
  8. Autiwara

    exo terra large tall (36x18x36/90x45x60) for juvenile red foot??

    I currently have my small red foot tortoise in an exo terra large wide (36x18) but was thinking of switching it out with the large tall, it would still be 36" long but taller so that I could maybe plant some stuff and hang the mvb lamp and CHE inside of the tank by a chain so it wouldn't have to...
  9. Autiwara

    naturalistic indoor enclosure for RF?

    TL;DR wanting to change my setup to something naturalistic, wondering about living peat moss as a bedding. Would it be too wet? My juvenile red foot Clyde is currently living in a 90x45x30 cm which is now only a layer of paper towels, an MVB basking light, a CHE and a dry hide with papertowels...
  10. Rusky

    Making decor from outdoors safe

    So this actually isn't for a tortoise enclosure, but it could still apply for one. I'm hoping to make a bioactive terrarium for a salamander. My question is, how can you make leaf litter, moss or fallen branches from outdoors safe for reptiles/amphibians? It will be bioactive, so I guess it...