tortoise breeder

  1. Emilyheartt0rtoises

    Tortoise Wanted

    Hello! I would be interested in Either a Greek tortoise or Hermann's tortoise (Would also be interested in any tortoise that doesn't get too big) I am located in Christchurch, New Zealand. If you breed tortoises yourself or know of any suitable breeders (In New Zealand) feel free to send me a...
  2. emylimarie

    Looking to buy Russian yearling or hatchling tortoise!

    Hi everyone! I've tried to go through the forums to find an updated thread with breeders but no luck. I'm looking to buy a Russian yearling or hatchling tortoise, male preferred. Does anyone know of any reputable breeders? I've emailed some of these companies like TortoiseSupply...
  3. A

    New here! I’m getting a leopard or red foot, I have questions!

    Hey everyone, I’m about to finally get my tortoise! I have never had a tortoise before and I need some help. I’ve had many species of reptiles and amphibians, but caring for those are a bit different. I was looking to get a red foot hatchling or a leopard hatchling. I live in Illinois so the...
  4. S

    Looking to purchase Russian Tortoise- Reputable Sites??

    Hi All! I did all my research on decided that a male, captive bred, Russian tortoise is the best tortoise for me to have (I'd prefer a yearling). I live in California and so I am finding my options to be limited as to where to purchase a russian tortoise here. What online sites do you...
  5. V

    50/60 year old female

    Hi Guys, So I’ve had this female Sulcata for nearly 15 years and she’s around 50 or 60 years old best guess. She was living alone for the majority of her life and 2 years ago I introduced two young males (around 12-15 years old). They immediately showed interest and that same year she laid 6...
  6. akahry

    Reputable Breeder for Star Tortoises?

    Hi, Nice to meet you all! Roy here I just started raising tortoises, very passionate about them! Recently got some ivory Sulcatas from Balland’s ranch and they are doing great! I hope to get some Star tortoise hatchlings this season, Sri Lanka or Indian or Burmese, would like to see if anyone...