1. angelique9929

    How big should a three year old Suclata Tortoise be?

    I have a three year old Sulcata tortoise (may be a bit older but we've had her for three years) that I got when I was nine. I definitely was not the best tortoise owner only being nine years old. I may not be much older but I've definitely matured since then and realized my flaws in caretaking...
  2. Kaaayy.cc

    *Help my tortoise Sheldon

    Hello everyone, I have been concerned with my 1 year old leopard tortoise for a week now but waited a little bit to see if he would get better but he has not. I just made an appointment to take him to the vet tomorrow and I am hoping they can figure out what is going on. I have noticed his skin...
  3. K

    Russian Tortoise Red Stool

    Hi I have a Russian tort named Torti ? she recently started pooping a red brown color and I’m a little concerned. She had been pooping regular brown to green stools prior to this. I let her graze in my backyard and that’s all she eats, (weeds from my backyard) and I’ve had her for three months...
  4. B

    Temperature Advice

    I’ve been thinking about getting my own Golden Greek, however I am very unsure about its temperature requirements. My research has suggested that basking spots of 95 to 100 are best best for INDOOR enclosures. However I want to house him outside to give him his full UVB requirements. Where I...
  5. T

    Tortoise has been wheezing his whole life

    Hi guys, so I have a sulcata tortoise who I’ve had for about a couple years now. He was originally my sisters but she did not take care of him at all. When I received him, he had closed eyes, DIDNT move very much, barely ate, etc. she kept in him a very small enclosure. Well ever since I’ve had...