1. M


    I own a baby leopard tortoise and I have a few questions. I want her to be healthy and happy. I’ve had her since 23rd Feb 2024. She currently only has 2 hides however I’m looking to add some more bendy wood in to make little walls around to encourage her to explore and forage as I’ve read that...
  2. mayo

    My tortoise 😃

    They’re an Egyptian Tortoise. I don’t know they’re gender or age, but I named them Squirtle. I’m currently building them a tortoise table, any tips or concerns? Thanks 😊
  3. M

    Rosies new home

    We added lots of little home making bits to Rosies table yesterday, and today she finally came out of her hole in the corner, explored & ate.
  4. Gdrami

    First Hermanns tort table build

    Hello everyone. I’ve been thinking about treating my tort Rupert to his first wooden home. He’s currently in a glass enclosure though Im eager to move him out of there as soon as I can. I,ve made sure that he can’t see out of the glass by covering it with a cut up poster boarder. I’ve decided on...
  5. IMG_20200508_125135.jpg


    Phase two