turtle diet

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    indian star tortoise keeper need help (sleeps a lot, poor appetite)

    hi i am relatively new to turtle keeping I have 1 Indian star which i think 4-5 months old i need help as it only sleeps and i have wake it up to feed it it only eats cucumbers i have tried lettuce and a lot of other greens pls help. and do i have to leave him water or something
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    Hungry turtle?

    Hello! I'm relatively new to keeping turtles. Over the last year or so I've fostered a few and now I have one of my own. My turtle is an Eastern painted turtle, and he's quite active and friendly. Whenever someone is near his tank he starts swimming/pawing at the glass. Could this mean he's...
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    Advise on shell issues please

    I'm a first time turtle owner and have a RES named Holly (she was a Christmas gift from my daughter). She is very interactive and always hungry! She was about 3" (shell top to bottom) when I got her, 10 mo. later she has pretty much doubled in size. As she has grown very quickly, I have moved...