turtle eating

  1. S

    Hungry turtle?

    Hello! I'm relatively new to keeping turtles. Over the last year or so I've fostered a few and now I have one of my own. My turtle is an Eastern painted turtle, and he's quite active and friendly. Whenever someone is near his tank he starts swimming/pawing at the glass. Could this mean he's...
  2. Sunil

    What to do if a turtle eats the filter sponge?

    Yesterday my turtle ate the sponge of the filter installed in the aquarium I am worried what should I do Since yesterday he looks lethargic although he is eating food but little by little.
  3. Sam101

    Help! Turtle being tube fed but throwing up.

    So about 2 1/2 months ago, my yellow belly slider (female, 7yrs) stopped eating and I got really worried and eventually took her to the vet where she stayed for a while until they got to the bottom of what was wrong with her apparently she had a nasty fungus bacteria growing in her oesophagus...
  4. AprilOneilTurtle

    Messy eater, I am!

    what a messy eater, she just swallowed up a superworm! She is such a character already! She is such a pretty lady, i’m obsessed!