1. L

    How to tell the sex of a Red Eared Slider

    I have two red eared slider turtles since they were very young and we have been waiting for them to mature so we can know weather they are boys or girls. I believe they are now big enough and i was told you should be able to tell by looking at their tales. well, i cant. Can any one help me...
  2. Ionry

    (SoCal)Two Red-Ear Sliders in Need of a good Home!

    Don't know if this is the right place to put this, but I have two Red-Ear Sliders in need of a good home. -Background- My youngest brother got two Red-Ears about two years back. However, he has not been taking care of them as of late (forgetting to feed them, not cleaning their tank, etc.) So...
  3. Maro2Bear

    Turtles in Maryland - A Summary

    Here’s a nice summary of the turtles one can expect to find/see throughout Maryland. https://dnr.maryland.gov/wildlife/Pages/habitat/waturtles.aspx Creating a Wild Backyard - Turtles in Maryland Turtles are delightful reptiles which may find their way into your backyard if the conditions are...
  4. P

    Does anyone know this turtle keeper from Panama City, FL?

    The article linked below mentions Mickey Fox, who lives with his wife, Brigetti, on Fox Avenue in a suburb of Panama City, Florida. Looters after Hurricane Michael bring neighbors together...
  5. B

    Help on introducing turtles?

    Recently a small yellow-bellied slider caught my eye at Petco. I have full-grown one currently that is very (maybe a little too) friendly, we hand-feed her, and she likes to be out of her water and around us. But I'm not sure how she would do with a turtle 10x smaller... will she think it's...
  6. KevinGG

    New Endangered Babies (Mauremy M. Mutica)

    Sorry for the click bait title :( Introducing the Yellow Pond Turtle, Mauremys Mutica Mutica. These arrived just this morning from Florida. Interesting to see the difference in color between the two. This species is Endangered in the wild, but not much interest has been paid to them...