water turtle

  1. N

    White stuff

    Hello! I just found this strange white stuff inside my 1 year old yellow-bellied slider aquarium. The texture is soft, and it spreads out thin. This has never happened before. Does anyone know what this is? Not long ago, I fed her romaine lettuce and cleaned its tank. Could that be related? 🤔
  2. O

    Outdoor pond in the uk

    I am planning to build a pond in my garden (north west England) I have been looking into european pond turtles but I can't find whether they are compatible with fish. I would like to keep a turtle and fish if possible, the pond will be around 2ft deep and around 36 square foot. Does anyone know...
  3. royal kareem

    What is this sound mean? A hiccup? Mating?

    So, I read that turtle does hiccups too. But I'm not sure if this is it or is this a very bad sign. This has been happening lately, I was wondering if this is a voice made when she's thirsty because most of the time she's basking when this happens. I don't think this is a mating call-...
  4. Wayfarin

    Do outdoor red-eared slider enclosures need a land area, or just a basking area? Do they ever use land areas?

    Hello, folks! Anyone who has read my former posts would probably be aware of my ultimate intention to eventually upgrade our red-eared slider, Teresa, to an outdoor enclosure pond. Since the enclosure would likely be located near the house, it would most likely be an above-ground pond that...
  5. Wayfarin

    Red-eared sliders and American bullfrogs living together? (LONG THREAD)

    Hello, folks! Some of you may already be acquainted with our turtle, as I've already introduced her on another thread. We currently own a female red-eared slider named Teresa or "Terry" who's a little over 12 years old. We've had her for that long, and we suspect she could live many more years...
  6. B

    Looking to re-home female red ear slider / Chantilly, VA

    Hello, I am looking to re-home a female red ear slider which I believe to be somewhere between 7-10 years old. I received the turtle from a neighbor a few years ago and have been keeping her in a 200 gallon aquarium. Turtle is fully grown and about a foot or so in length. I am located in...
  7. AllieKat1997

    Water Turtle Hatchling: Water Level and Substrate?

    Hello and thanks for reading my post! I decided to get a stinkpot musk turtle; I don’t have him just yet. I’m in the “researching phase”. I was thinking of a bare bottom tank with a few river rocks for climbing scattered around. Someone said they’d get enrichment from sand. Is bare bottom and...
  8. iloveturtles88

    Eastern Mud Turtle

    Can i see pictures of your Eastern Mud turtle tank? How much water do i need for my Eastern Mud turtles? I'm trying to figure out how to do the tank. I have been told they are poor swimmers and i noticed this little one can't get on the basking/land area when trying to get out of the water...