1. Big yawn

    Big yawn

    Redfoot | 7 month old
  2. Cicitina

    New Tortoise Owner Worries!

    Hi everyone! I am a new owner to a baby Hermanns, it has been 4 days since bringing baby home and I was given very little information when adopting him. I have done as much research as possible since bringing my new little family member home but I have so many questions and concerns. POOP...
  3. A

    Yawning Russian Tortoise

    Hello! I am new to tortoise owning so all of the little things freak me out haha. this morning I was watching Rudder eat and it yawned 3 times. He’s a yearling and I’ve seen conflicting information on yawning. Some things I’ve read said it’s a sign of upper respiratory but he doesn’t have...
  4. FomTarro

    Russian Tortoise yawning a lot

    Hello. Our Russian Tortoise yawns a lot. At first we thought it was cute, but now that we've noticed she does it sometimes 3 or more times after waking up, we're beginning to worry, as parents do. Today she yawned 6 times in short succession after leaving her hide, prompting me to post here...