yellow bumps

  1. C

    Is it Austwickia?

    Hello, I'm very new here. Having a tortoise has been My dream since I was a little child. Is so sad to me to notice all these babies with infections. I got mine from a local petstore in Tijuana México. Just want to be sure if my "catita" has this stupid Austwickia and what could I do for him.
  2. M

    Possible Austwickia in baby sulcata

    Hello all. I noticed skin lesions on Sunny, my baby sulcata, which after reading through the forum I am now concerned may be another case of Austwickia chelonae. Background-- I noticed the bumps on October 13th. First two pics were taken Oct 14th which is when I first took him to my reptile vet...
  3. arifianto83

    Austwickia Chelonae or common fungal infection?

    Hi guys. I am new at this forum. My name is Arifianto from Indonesia. Nice to meet you all. I have few questions: 1. Is this yellow bumps (see pics) on may baby sulcata Austwickia or common fungal infection? In its enclosure i have 5 babies in total. This one is the worst one, the others two...