Cute little leo
Jenna kamenski

Cute little leo

Torque says: come on mommy!! I’m ready to eat!! How long??!
@teresaf of course! Sometimes it drops down depending on how much/long we have his enclosure open but it’s never down for more than a day...I’m one of those paranoid tort keepers, gotta make sure of this, of that etc...I worry about him all day while I’m at work too...everyday I’m rushing home lol
@teresaf I’m just a worrier I guess lol...I even worry about my cat Morris...I have both fur babies AND a shell baby :<3::tort: those are my kids and I’m perfectly fine with that! Lol
@Oxalis oh absolutely! I tell my hubby all the time,I love the animals more than you, if there ever is a house fire your fending for yourself, I’m grabbing the animals! Would be crazy to see someone running with 2 cats, a tortoise and 2 red eared sliders lol

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Torque the tort - SA leopard
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