My baby horsefield tortoise

My baby horsefield tortoise

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They said it was 6 months? I am not an expert but I do not think so.. Yours looks like it is about mines age..Unless you have a super tiny one..? @Grandpa Turtle 144 What would you say this ones age was? The pet store told her 6 months..
I used to. Apparently they are bad for tortoises. Tortoises do not understand glass and will stress themselves out over trying to get out, or by seeing their reflections in them. Also, half the time the tanks you get in stores are not big enough for them once they get bigger. So now he is just in a big under the bed storage Rubbermaid container. You can tell the difference in how much more happy he is. I just posted a picture in the media forum with him in his space. :)
You see I put my tortoise in a tortoise table and he or she just slept all day and stuff but in a viv he is more active @Kaitlynn
What are the temps/humidity both environments were at? @Ashley99 Sometimes that has a HUGE part in where they are most comfortable. What does your tortoise do in the viv? Does he spend most of the time by the glass or away from it? When he is by it, does he claw, scratch, or bump into it? Pacing?
When it's in the viv it will wake up eat drink water explore the viv and about 3 hours later he or she will burry him or her self some where in the viv
Alfalfa pellets can cause eye and respiratory infections, I recommend you switch to something else! (Cute tortoise btw ;))

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