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    It is a 10 months old sulcata.
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    10 months old. This kid enjoys all the weeds.
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    Did you actually see the rat attacking them ? I am worried that they actually did attack each other. The one is way smaller which is a most common sign of bulling. They SHOULD NOT BE "HOUSED" TOGETHER. If you look on the forum I have posted a tragic report of baby torts eating each other. They...
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    <3 yes! Seems like this little tort is doing well. Today he got very feisty and did his little charge attack on my hand when I was putting some mazuri on his greens. It was cute. I am like chill I am giving you Mazuri not taking it away :)
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    Foods that make them poop?

    If he eats normal and he is active chances are - he eats his own poop. a bit of cucumber, cactus can help but I would not feed tons just so they poop. Start with a long warm soak.
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    Incandescent floodlight bulb

    It’s just a regular bulb - OSRAM 😂
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    Happy Birthday Dozer - stay healthy, happy and know you are loved by so many ❤️❤️❤️
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    Yeah. When he/she is bigger I will just make one similar to that one. It’s nice water gets warm fast and stays warm.
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    Always hungry. 9 months old 757g
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    Thank you ! We are trying !
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    Yes it is. But it was before birds used it. All scrubbed and clean we don’t want no bird germs 😂
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    Soaking time.
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    Best places to order a sulcata tortoise 🐢

    @Tom he might have some babies still ☺️
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    Is this a thistle?

    My tort goes crazy over sow thistle.
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    Cloths Dryer Repurposing.

    Oven very low temperature. I use to froze them for my Russian torts.