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    Is this leopard baby a good one???

    I'm attempting to purchase my first leopard tortoise and have come across this little fellow who is advertised as a high white leopard tortoise. He definitely looks very white to me but I've read on other threads that people often try to pass leopards off as high white when their new growth will...
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    Tortoise Supply Websites and Pet Stores

    Does anyone know of any good websites or pet stores in Texas to buy tortoises? I've been looking to buy another tortoise and have been shocked by the mark-ups on some of tortoise breeder websites. I love tortoises but I don't want to spend THAT much money for them!
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    Baby Redfoot For Trade

    Hi I have a baby redfoot tortoise that I would like to trade for a sulcata tortoise if anyone is interested. I'm located about an hour northwest of Austin, Tx, but can meet someone in Bryan college station, temple, San Marcos, or even Houston.
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    Sick Sulcata Baby

    It's more like a clicking sound
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    Sick Sulcata Baby

    Ok thank you sooo much!!!! I was really worried about her!!! I guess I just over reacted cause she isn't blowing bubbles anymore but her breathing still sounds like she's almost smacking. Is that normal?
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    Sick Sulcata Baby

    Hi I was soaking my baby sulcata today when I noticed that she was blowing bubbles out of her nose and making sneezing noises. She is also passing a lot of the white stuff that sometimes comes out when she pees and pooping a lot. Can someone tell me what's going on and what I need to do? She...
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    Hey! My name is Alix! I'm new here and also new to owning tortoises! I've had box turtles and aquatic turtles my whole life but recently got a sulcata baby for my birthday and a red footed tortoise a few months after that and I absolutely love them and am eager to learn the best ways to keep...