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Nov 8, 2019
Jul 23, 2008
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Nov 8, 2019
    1. ChillyChelonia
      Hi, I'm hoping to get a baby cherry head around June, do you think you'll have any available around then?
    2. turtle mama
      turtle mama
      Do you have any available now or in the near future?
    3. Dthom1030
      Hi, I am looking for a cherry head red foot tortoise and wondering if you have any available?
    4. Kaliman1962
      Hi, I was wondering when you will have cherry head babies,
      Thank you
    5. Tort Lord
      Tort Lord

      Are you parting with the red legged beauties that you posted? I would love to add them to my group!

      1. allegraf
        Thanks, for the compliments but we decided to keep all our hatchlings this year and grow them out for at least a year before deciding who will find new homes.
        May 5, 2016
      2. Tort Lord
        Tort Lord
        Well I look forward to seeing updates of these little ones! Keep me in mind when you let some go.
        May 5, 2016
    6. RudyG
      Thanks for the tip.

      Help, How do I upload photos to my adoption thread?
      1. allegraf
        I am computer stunted. I use photobucket. You can sign up for a free account with them. Once it he pics are uploaded, you can copy the image link. The only other way I know is to use the iPhone to take pics and then use the TF app. It is easiest to upload the pics this way.
        Mar 16, 2016
    7. ShellyTheTortoise71
      Hi! I'm looking to buy a red footed tortoise. Do you have any available?
      1. allegraf
        Sorry all sold out for this year. Thanks for thinking of me!
        Jun 25, 2015
      2. ShellyTheTortoise71
        Oh ok thanks for responding :)
        Jun 25, 2015
      3. allegraf
        I would recommend Vicky Hale at tortoiseyard.com she has nice torts and is a real nice lady!
        Jun 27, 2015
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