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Apr 10, 2011
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August 17
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Apple Valley, California

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Hello????? Apr 12, 2014

    1. cemmons12
      Just wanted to say hello and merry Christmas from a worthless ex-con. Hope you and the tort kids are doing great! Love ya my friend!
    2. mrl05140
      I am wondering if someone can identify white lines on my red foot? Seems to be in between scutes.
    3. Geckogirl5
      Hi I was hoping someone could help me. One of my sulcatas scutes fell off and a few seem loose where you can put your finger nail under Idk why or how. Its like a dirty white and brown color underneath and Idk what to do can someone plz help
    4. NewTortEnthusiast
      Have a wonderful day!
    5. thepetal11
      Hi! I was wondering since you live just a little while away from me, if you have a vet recommendation? I can't seem to find one now I live here. Thank you!!
    6. Angi
      I remember you posting a recourse for toxic and edible plants but I can't seem to find it. What was the name / website? TIA
      1. Oxalis
        Nov 14, 2015
    7. Tidgy's Dad
      Tidgy's Dad
      Happy Birthday!
      Hope you have a super day.
    8. Anyfoot
      Happy birthday ascott.
    9. KevinDarwin
      How long does it take for their plastron to harden?
    10. Sawyer Rae
      Sawyer Rae
      Sorry to bother you, but I have a question: my tortoise hatchling is sneezing after taking a bath and drinking from it. Is sneezing bad?
      1. mandy#2 likes this.
      2. ascott
        If after soaking your tort is sneezing, that is pretty normal....I would only become concerned if the tort is randomly sneezing, mucus from nose, lethargy and an overall appearance of ill will....
        Jan 24, 2015
        Viola B likes this.
    11. FredrickTheGreek
      Hi my greek tortoise who is almost a year old (will be one year old in December) has not been pooping lately. He continues to eat regularly and bathe regularly (30 minutes every other day in luke warm water) he tries very hard to get his stool out but always fails. He used to be very active and such but lately he has almost seemed weak. Should I take him to the vet? Please help. I'm very concerned for him. Thank you!
    12. Mantissa3
      Can someone please direct me to a member who is expert with three toed box turtles? I have two rescues that I need to understand, and then carefully place with appropriate keeper. Thank you so much, Karen
    13. cemmons12
    14. Yvonne G
      Yvonne G
      It looks like someone already changed it to 'active member'
    15. ascott
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    August 17
    Location (City and/or State):
    Apple Valley, California


    Thanks, Angela
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