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  • Hi Carol!! I saw your posting for Russian Hatchlings and I'm interested in buying a male hatchling. Please get back to me as soon as possible. Thanks :))
    H i Carol, I saw a posting from a girl on here that has a beautiful Russian Tortoise on here and showed a pic of her .. Do you have any female babies, or available? Could yuou send some pics if you do have any available? thank you!
    Hello! Saw very good reviews of you on this forum, was wondering if you had any russian tortoise hatchlings for sale?
    Hello i am new to the tortoise world and im wondering if you have any young ones
    Hi! Have been doing research for a while about russian tortoises and finally feel ready to own one of my own! Looking for reliable breeders and have seen you have good reviews - do you have any hatchlings available right now or in the next couple of months? Thanks a bunch!
    Also, if you could tell me what would be a good container for it. I need the container to contain heat and humidity. I've found a large container that seems to be about 1' 6" by 2 ft, is that enough?
    I want to get a Russian Tortoise, I've done research. I find you trustworthy, and I'm seriously considering buying a tortoise from you. I live in Houston, Texas, and am planning to give it hours of sunshine each day, but keep it indoors since I don't have a large backyard. Please tell me what I need to do to care for these baby Russian Tortoises, and some tips on adults all in all. Thanks!
    Hi, I've been looking into getting a russian tortoise from a reputable breeder and I've heard nothing but good things about you. Do you have any baby russian tortoises left that are available? Thanks!
    Thank you Carol for an excellent overall experience buying a Russian Tortoise from you. Your communication with me was outstanding. I would highly recommend Carol to any buyer seeking tortoises.
    I sent you a message about buying a Russian tortoise but don't know if it sent. Did you see it?
    interested in a male ... irussian. i take good care of my torts.... some of minehave beenin books
    When do you normally have Russian Tortoises for sale? Thanks
    Hi, Do you have any young (ideally 6 month plus to juvenile) Russian tortoises available for sale at this point? My son and I are new to this but he has been researching for months and we're finally ready to acquire a tortoise and would like to buy from a well respected breeder. Thank you so much. KristinM
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