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    Arcadia light set up

    Can anybody tell me what exactly I should be looking for in an Arcadia light set up?
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    Gasping Hatchling

    Well if there is then they sure don’t seem to be doing the job very well in most cases. Especially Baytril, that stuff is like the devil to these torts and in my experience I’ve seen no good come from administering Baytril. Although, I’m sure some have had success
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    Is this shell rot?

    That Coot helmet hurts my eyes. :)
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    Gasping Hatchling

    Everyone must be on holiday break for the time being.... I don’t have any experience with a Herman, so i don’t really want to try and act like I know, but I may suggest posting a pic of the enclosure and try giving as many details as you can about his living arrangements and conditions... that...
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    Looks a ton like a side neck from those pics and regarding your location
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    Securing lamp stands..

    Or.... this
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    Securing lamp stands..

    Kinda of like this...
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    Securing lamp stands..

    They make a little U-shaped metal thing (lol, I’m sorry I don’t know what it’s called) with threaded ends and screwing nuts into the threads will tighten the “U-clamp). I’d get one of those and drill some holes through the back of the enclosure so you know it won’t fall again. I’m gonna go take...
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    Tortoise won't eat

    Isn’t it true that if a tortoise can’t pass eggs then there is a chance for build up of calcium and blockage and in the system?
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    UV/light meter? Suggestions

    Ouch, yea I was hoping for something a little more budget friendly than that... but thanks!
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    UV/light meter? Suggestions

    Could someone please tell me a good reliable option for reading UV in my enclosure?
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    Plant ID help plz...

    The clover esq plant is what I am referring to, although if anyone has an idea of that plant in the back I’d appreciate that as well :). Thanks in advance
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    Plant ID help plz...

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    No tail

    I think we can consider this a “tail” with no ending
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    Cheapest closed chamber ever

    Alright I’ll be the one to ask, what temperature does it get it there at night without the use of a CHE? I know you say it doesn’t get very cool in your home in Florida but I can’t imagine it being 80 degrees inside... yuck