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  • Cmac3, I'm looking at your profile pic, of the shell. Are those really the tortoise's shell design? It's so unique and beautiful, like hieroglyphics. What kind of tortoise is it?
    I just now seen this, I'm trying to think back but that was probably one of my leopard torts
    You just made my day!!! Thanks, big time
    Hey there, I live in the DFW area and looking for some ornate box turtles and wondering if you still have any. thank you Eric
    Hello, I would be very interested in adding to the 3 that I currently have. My outdoor enclosure is about 6x30. Even if you just skim through some of my post you'll see that they are mostly questions about making the best lives for the 3 tortoises that I rescued. I understand if you've already found someone else I will be just as happy knowing that they are going to someone who will give them the best. Thanks.

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