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    Anyone know of organic lawn companies in Florida?

    I am looking for a organic lawn company that can fertilize and insecticides ect. Anyone know of any good ones?
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    dang, lovely enclosure
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    should parents allow kids and teens to get tortoises?

    Agreed, I have changed my mind on the subject and I believe the parents should be willing and knowledgeable to care for it.
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    You would be surprised how many ”reptile” experts especially from pet stores have no idea what they are talking about. Even though coil type UVB bulbs and ramped water bowls are for “tortoises” they are still very harmful.
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    I would find the name of that substrate and do some research. Some can be toxic and or cause impaction. Some substrates I recommend are: pure cypress mulch, orchid bark, and coco fiber. Humidity for a baby must be 80%-90% or above. Lower humidity will cause pyramiding. Remember to keep ambient...
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    Depends on age, species. What substrate do you use and is your enclosure a closed chamber?
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    The air will not go stale. You might want to like at the caresheets by @Tom
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    Any keepers in Florida?

    Yes, we drove them there yesterday. Thank you for all your help!
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    Two Russian Tortoises

    I found a good home for them already, Ryan from Southern Reptiles is taking them for a new breeding group.
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    Any keepers in Florida?

    Thanks and Happy New Year!
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    Any keepers in Florida?

    I wouldn't recommend keeping them together. This could lead to aggression and them getting hurt.
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    Any keepers in Florida?

    Does anyone in Florida keep Russian tortoises? Preferably someone with a good setup and already prepared to care for them. I have two full grown Russians, one male and one female. I am willing to drive to you and there will be no rehoming fee. Reply if interested.