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  1. Daniel Freel

    Sulcata safe plants?

    Yes, I have thought about that so I planned.on rinsing all soil away from roots before re-planting and was planning on using barriers for this summer. I was thinking of using some big plastic planters or 5 gallon buckets with bottoms cut off as a barrier. I already have the rose of sharon...
  2. Daniel Freel

    Sulcata safe plants?

    Would like some advice from sulcata owners on landscaping an enclosure. I'm interested in perrenial cold tolerant plants for zone 7. The plants must also be safe and something they're not interested in eating. Looking to make the enclosure more aesthetically pleasing instead of baron ground...
  3. Daniel Freel

    Russian Tortoises

    Hello, I have a few Russians available. 1 adult male unsure of age. He is healthy, friendly, and active. (2) 2 year old CB Russian Tortoises for sale. Both are very healthy, active, friendly, and past the sensitive hatchling stage. Eating on a wide variety of weeds, fresh greens, and Mazuri...
  4. Daniel Freel

    Horsfield tortoise diet

    My Russians love radicchio and dandelion greens. I also mix in romaine, escarole, bok choy, and arugula.
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    a few better shots
  6. Daniel Freel


    would like to please hear your opinions on the gender of my redfoot.
  7. Daniel Freel

    Y.F. or R.F.?

    Is this a yellow foot? Or a red foot?
  8. Daniel Freel

    Three Striped Mud Turtles

    Hello, I am in search of a few three striped mud turtles. I am located in NJ and would prefer to pick up, but I am open to shipping. If you have some available please email me @ [email protected]
  9. Daniel Freel

    Trading Goodies?

    I have access to a very large amount of Rose Of Sharon seeds (Hibiscus Syriacus). I have numerous full grown trees on my property. My sulcatas love to eat both the flowers and the leaves. They are a very hardy plant that produces flowers every night from July-October and grow between 7-13 feet...
  10. Daniel Freel

    5 year old sulcata

    tortoise has found a new home
  11. Daniel Freel

    5 year old sulcata

    I am trying to help a guy out that is looking to rehome his sulcata to a good home. This is the email I received from him. Sulcata is located in Central Pennsylvania area. If you are interested in giving it a great home please let me know and I will give you his contact information. "I have a...
  12. Daniel Freel

    1 year growth

    1.5 years old and growing nicely
  13. Daniel Freel

    1 year growth

    Thank you I try my best for them...lifelong commitments like them can't be taken lightly
  14. Daniel Freel

    1 year growth

    oh I can't wait for them to get some real size to them! Beautiful shell on your sulcata too..