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    Baby Sulcata Size

    Hi, everyone! My baby African spurred thighed tortoise is currently a month old and is already 3 inches. This is quite alarming to me at least because from what I've seen online the average should be around 2.5 inches long until they're 6 months old. -Thanks Dhruv
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    Does my sulcata have a healthy carapace?

    Hi I wanted to ask more about humidity. Is it possible to keep my tortoise outside during the afternoon until it's winter? I live in Northern California and the temperatures will maintain 80 degrees for another month or so. There is also natural humidity that will be provided as the place...
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    Does my sulcata have a healthy carapace?

    Hi, Once I discovered this forum I have been posting many of my doubts and questions on keeping a tortoise. I wanted to ask if you guys can look at the carapace of my turtle (pictures will be linked below). Some background info: His enclosure is a wooden box (dimensions around 3 by 3 feet...
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    Is my tortoise health ?

    Hi Indian stars are illegal tortoises to catch in the wild. The poor guy might have been separated from his family. Assuming that it's wild you are probably from India. I don't live in India but I know for a fact that it's illegal to keep one there.
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    Is my tortoise healthy?

    I live in California so I give natural sunlight right now, but I am planning to buy a uva/uvb light during the winter. My enclosure is a closed wooden box but it is a pretty large one.
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    Is Lawn Fertilizer Safe after 2 Months?

    Hi, My lawn was fertilized at the start of June 2017. I recently read that tortoises should have a lot of grass in their diet. My lawn has Bermuda grass so I gave some to my tortoise to eat. I'm wondering if it's safe because it has been two months and the gardeners have clipped the grass 2-3...
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    Is my tortoise healthy?

    He is housed in a large sized wooden box. we got him from a small scale breeder in the Bay area. The breeder told us to not out substrate until he is 4-5 months old. He is currently 1 month old. The temperatures he is in range from 70-95, highest being the basking spot. He is soaked daily in...
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    Is my tortoise healthy?

    Hi, I recently bought a baby sulcata tortoise and I wanted to ask you if my tortoise seems healthy. Here is a picture of him:
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    For Those Who Have a Young Sulcata...

    Thanks! I just got a baby sulcata and this was helpful