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Recent content by drew54

  1. drew54

    My hobby

    Nikon d7200
  2. drew54

    My hobby

    I thought I would add a few more photos I had taken recently.
  3. drew54

    help identifying little white dry patches on shell?

    They are normal and nothing to worry about.
  4. drew54

    Show me your best pics of your tort!

    He's a handsome dinosaur
  5. drew54

    Show me your best pics of your tort!

    Lol I love all these photos! Thanks everyone!
  6. drew54

    New babies

    Adorable! Ugh I wish I had more room and money for another hatchling
  7. drew54

    Target training?

    I don't have any experience with older torts, but I do behavior modification daily on humans and I tried with my tort when she was a hatchling, but it was unsuccessful as I wasn't able to do it daily with her. I would suggest using applied behavior analysis techniques (ABA). Pavlov conditioning...
  8. drew54

    Meet Nyx

    Man I miss being on here lol thanks everyone! I'm very excited to see this amazing growth and that she is thriving! My tort husbandry started off very rough and tragic, but tHank's to everyone's support on here I managed to get through it and turn things around.
  9. drew54

    Meet Nyx

    My baby is 2.7lbs! (I don't let Nyx roam the house.) She is getting bigger so fast! She has a little pyramiding on her first and second vertical scutes, but not too bad.
  10. drew54

    Jack the sulcata

    Man this makes me want another hatchling! Lol
  11. drew54

    Tortoise Topper Help

    I really doubt the tortoise is walking around thinking "man I really wish I didn't have this thing on me it doesn't benefit me at all."
  12. drew54

    Tortoise Topper Help

    I find this no different than putting clothes on a dog, cat, or any other animal or person for that matter. My daughter doesn't like to wear shoes during the summer but I make her anyway. Or dress clothes to church. I've seen owners dress their animals in clothes countless times because they...
  13. drew54


    I find it odd that anyone would sale a leopard that size for 140 when most hatchlings go for 200.
  14. drew54

    Tortoise Leash

    I actually posted about this with a photo couple of weeks ago.