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    Torts: Male or Female??

    The second one is definately a male. :) Can you take more pictures of the first one like you did for the second one? How big is the first one? Danny
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    Need some help on URI's and medicines

    How is Fernando doing now Candy? I take it your giving him the pills? It does have an experation date. If he still has a runny nose, than I would go and get some new Baytril pills and ask them to put the experation date on the container. No right or wrong way really on ways of getting a...
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    egg colour

    Can you take pictures of the eggs? It does sound like the white one is fertile. :) Danny
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    My desert tortoise is sick, please help..

    Hi Brandon, You need to raise the temperature of your enclosure, especially the over night temperature. You want to keep your Desert between 80 and 90F day and night. This will help the immune system to fight off the infection. That and make sure you soak twice a day and true to get some liquid...
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    Bolson tortoise (Gopherus flavomarginatus)

    We should probably start a new thread :P but I guess if I use Bolson once I'm okay :D I'm all for re-introductions of endangered species extirpated in former parts of their range (last 400 to 500 years ago). Not though in favor of introducing animals back that were here 13,000 years ago. There...
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    Bolson tortoise (Gopherus flavomarginatus)

    Sadly I agree with the government on releasing Bolson tortoises into the southwest. They haven't been native for a very long time and died out for a reason (though I'm sure man at the time didn't help, but isn't the sole cause (the same with the rest of the megafauna that was here)). Condors are...
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    Found Turtle Pls Identify :)

    Looks like a male Red-eared slider to me. :D Danny
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    They are definately 2 different tortoises. Tortoises change, but not that much. Just look at the nuchal scute (the little scute right above his/her head). The one on the left is heart shaped (pretty distinctive) and the one on the right is small and rectangular. Danny
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    Bloated sulcata

    If they didn't take an x-ray, I would seriously consider getting an x-ray. This way you can rule out stones as the cause of the edema. Also blood work would be a good idea as that can help tell how much the kidneys are functioning. Danny
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    Chomp Chomp Chicks Please?

    Day old chicks are just fine to feed to your Redfoot. Danny
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    boy star? girl star?

    Still looking male to me :D Danny
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    I found boris

    Sorry to hear this Fernando :( Danny
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    Male or Female, and should I adopt a second?

    Looks like a female to me. :D How big is it? Danny
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    One (injured?) showed up on doorstep in Michigan!

    Hard to say if it was the wrong foods, not enough food or the wrong living conditions so as to make him not want to eat. Whatever has happened can't be "fixed", but you can have any new growth be more even and look better with all the scute seams being able to grow and giving him the right...
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    new enclosure

    The only thing I'd worry about Yvonne is the white rocks. The tortoises might want to try to eat them. Danny