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  • Turtle was lost in backyrd winter 2020-21. Tho relatively mild, there were 5-6(?) freezing nites. He didn't bury deep enuf & top half of keratin froze off, leaving him mostly "bald". 5 mos after he was found "black stuff" started growing UNDER shell at seams of scutes. Is the black replacement keratin? or? He acts ok. (the single herp-vet in Eugene,Ore. is NO help at all.) Tried attaching pic w/o luck.
    Hi egyptianda, i was reading your post about the aestivation of Pyxis a.a. What age do they start?. I have acquired a pair of them female 4 years and male 6 years of age. They never aestivated, but i would like to breed down the road. I need to get them do this naturally, but is there a temp i could start them already or do they start in high age?
    any help would be great.
    Just discovered an old photo of a T. c. mexicana you had on this forum. Do you work with them? I am looking for people that do to trade offspring, to increase genetics in my future breeding. Love to hear from you if you work with these. Richard [email protected]
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