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Greg T
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May 6, 2019
Aug 8, 2008
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League City, TX

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Greg T

Well-Known Member, Male, from League City, TX

10 Year Member!
Greg T was last seen:
May 6, 2019
    1. Chasen
      Hey Greg, again, sorry that you lost your male leopard. Being as we both live in the same area, I'm wondering what you feed your "herd" and where you get it. At present I get spring mix from HEB, pick out the spinach and scour the neighborhoods for greens and leaves I can use. I'm going to start growing some stuff, but right now I don't have that source. Thanx for any wisdom you can impart my way. Chase
    2. Turtoise :)
      Turtoise :)
      any torts?
      1. Greg T
        Greg T
        Sorry, no babies expected for a few months.
        Jul 26, 2016
    3. Bink82
      Hey if you've got any baby leopards available shoot me and email, I'm interested in a few. Thanks! [email protected]
      1. Greg T
        Greg T
        My next clutch should hatch mid to late July. No babies right now.
        Jun 1, 2016
    4. jaxon
      Do you have any leopard tortoises available?
      1. Greg T
        Greg T
        I have 5 to 7 available in 3-4 weeks. They just hatched out and I want to make sure they are all healthy and strong.
        Apr 27, 2016
    5. Allison Gray
      Allison Gray
      I received a beautiful, healthy little Leopard Desert Tortoise from Greg this month and just wanted you to know how much I appreciate knowing he/she came from such a great breeder. Thank you!
      1. Greg T likes this.
    6. Dannyleo
      I am interesting in purchasing your leopard, could you send me a email at [email protected] thank you
    7. rizbiz2003
      do you still your baby leopard tortoise how much is it
      1. Greg T
        Greg T
        I do not have any babies available right now. May be a few months before I have more.
        Mar 24, 2015
    8. katiecpadilla
      I seen a thread that mentioned that you would be a good place to inquire about a baby leo???
      1. Greg T
        Greg T
        I usually have some babies, but none right now. Most of my last clutch went to forum member JTRUX. I have some eggs which should be ready around early July.
        May 12, 2014
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    Location (City and/or State):
    League City, TX



    Home of:
    "Large Marge" - 10+ year old Leopard
    "Tim the Tool Man Tortoise" - 9 year old Leopard
    "Tommy the Tortoise" - 9 year old Leopard
    League City, Texas