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    First time tortoise owners!

    Hey! Only thing I'd say is be careful of the fibers in his bedding. I was using coco fiber and when ingested his poops would be attached to a piece of fiber stuck in his bottom, happened so often! Mines only 6 months and there was a good inch or so up in there 😔 Yucky. Enjoy your gorgeous boy ❤️
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    Ibera plastron help

    Hello! I'm still relatively new to being a tortoise owner/friend and my little girl Piper is 6 months old. On her plastron I've noticed a couple of pinky red holes? I'll attach my first plastron photo and the one I took yesterday. Is this normal?
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    MVB shock

    Okay guys, I really appreciate the advice. My little tort is odd as she stays under it lol. The MVB seem to fail terribly as ofc you can't set temps etc, you literally just have to assume the advice it gives you is correct. 😡 If either of you would mind showing your set up that would be amazing...
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    MVB shock

    I shall look into other methods then, pyramiding especially is something I'm trying to avoid. I had a piece of slate under the light and that made it even hotter so I removed it. It's my fault for assuming and following the directions on the box 30cm = 30 degrees c. Hopefully I haven't caused...
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    MVB shock

    Hello, I have a 6 month old Ibera. She's a super happy tortoise, eating well and growing great. I recently brought a infrared thermometer to check my bearded dragon temps and I used it on my tortoises table directly under the light on the soil.. it read 56 the first time and 45 not so central...
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    U.K. Radiated tortoise owner!

    Adorable! I'm from the UK with a baby spur thighed Ibera, five and a half months old. :)
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    Soil for growing edible flowers

    Yeah that's what I mean by old soil, the stuff from your garden that has no added fertilizers or added feed. Sadly I have fake grass and lots of pots filled with multi compost soil from garden centers. Thanks for your reply!
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    Soil for growing edible flowers

    Hello 😁 New mom to a 5 month Ibera. From my understanding growing weeds is best done in old soil to make them more fibrous and such. But how about the edible flowers and leaves I'd like to grow? Will they grow in plain sterile top soil? Or perhaps Coco peat? I really don't want to feed my...