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    How much is a liter of Milk Sarah? Just curious. Here in the States, for the last 40 yrs(other then spikes), the cost of a gallon of milk equaled a gallon of gasoline & the minimum wage equaled the cost of a hamburger at a sit-down restaurant. It still does.
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    My renewed passport arrived but I was hoping to keep BOTH kidneys....should I start a "Go Fund Me" page? I know, I really shouldn't be forced to live with myself, Shhh, he's not "right". Tammy understands "more than one of us in here syndrome"'s cool though, we all get along....LOL...
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    Brave thread.... Prices Delays and we all know things can be framed a certain way and wording enhanced to indicate emotions......but I don't want to be yelled at again(I have thick skin but I'm not a troublemaker LOL) so these are just facts; At my office, we build things, labs, secret places...
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    Meet michaelangelo

    Wow, what kind of light? That actually hurt MY eyes to look at the pic! At least I finally found someone that takes worse pics than me, course it appears that I had to cross the pond to find them! LOL Welcome to the club...... Do yourself a favor, some guys will be helping you with MA's...
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    My FED-EX story. Let me vent!

    What are the last 4 pages of fun, Z? You wouldn't deprive us, your friends, would you? LOL
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    On Friday, I spent 1.5Hours on the roof at the new Target Distribution center. it was 94F out....and it was the "rooftop from hell". There was 90 pieces of equipment to remove and my(OCD) Rigger had to count and look at each one, thrice! LOL I have had a couple of heat-related "events" and I...
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    I think most of us look at kids as kids, doesn't matter where they came from but good for you for noting that all too often, we raise kids, not really ours, but ours. Most fathers, like you, could never "not love" a child or a person based on who sired them.....and if they live in your home...
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    Daisy and Kenny

    Come 'on......a little looking around can be enlightening! LOL Go read about your concerns in the Stickys at the top....they are all covered as well as super care sheets! Welcome guys...... jeff
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    Serious snail question...

    That last pic is magical Mags! What a great shot! You guys have serious "snailage" out there....That was only one gather trip, wow! Like others say, you vary their diet so no long term issues but if they get sick from stuffing their tummy's and get sick from "Pigletosis" (eating too much)...
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    That's a sucky heat out there too Jan, hot and dry....and windy, always windy! Yesterday I got lucky, it got really windy all day....and I have several 100' oaks so I couldn't go up on the roof to blow it off(ironic, right?) or power wash the decks and sunroom....woo hoo! Why not go out in the...
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    Miss Cathie, you always have a kind word or thought for everyone......that kind of happiness & sheer goodness will keep the body running long after it would have, maybe not at peak operating efficiency, but running pretty well! "Mind over matter, till it don't matter" LOL I miss Matilda....I...
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    What’s the best Mazuri food for box turtle?

    He might not like it today....but it 6 months it might be his fav food! They are finicky sometimes.....
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    Pond Build

    Wow, a tiny bit larger and you are in swimming pool territory! Nice pond! Can't help you with recs but love what you are doing!
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    What’s the best Mazuri food for box turtle?

    I was thinking of using this as a "subsistence food", one that can always be available, in between regular food. I need to get more food into her enclosure and having a bowl of fresh "kibbles" seems like a good way of ensuring that she always can fill her tummy. I enjoy feeding her but since...
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    Fleabay rant!

    I had never heard of that one Z but it's prob b/c I used paypal and not a CC but it doesn't surprise me a bit. I just can't stand being led......or forced like Best buy tried to do to Tom. It used to burn me when they wrote my DL # on my checks.....all cashiers were instructed to do so yet it...