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    Hatchling flipped and not acting normal

    I have a Western Hermann’s hatchling born in August, from Garden State/ Chris. I got a total of 3, in separate enclosures. Using Christmas tree tote for enclosed chamber, coco coir under cypress mulch. Humidity ranging from 70-80%, temp from 79-95 in the heat lamp area. 65 watt incandescent...

    Spike has made so much progress!!!

    Looks so content and so beautiful now!

    Best store bought food for Juvenile Hermanns tortoise

    I’m using the Mazuri original formula and soak it before offering it. My Western Hermann’s hatchlings all enjoy it it. I love watching them dig into it! They get it about 3 times per week. So far I’ve been able to mostly feed them edible weeds from the yard, and have been mixing in some...

    Please help! Our baby Russian is struggling!

    So sorry for your loss. It’s always difficult, especially when a youngster is involved.

    Greek Tortoise VS Hermann's Tortoise

    Hi Dede21, I’m sure that if you post some photos someone should be able to help. You will want clear photos of the top and bottom of the shell. You may want to consider posting a new thread. This one is older and may not get a lot of attention. You should also post photos of the enclosure...

    An Ohio Birthday!!

    Thank you! Having lots of fun with the new babies!

    2019 Kinixys zombensis

    Beautiful baby! Congratulations!

    Hi, trying to learn as much as possible

    There are topics that you can read that will have reviews on vendors and breeders. Do a lot of looking and reading on here and you will likely find a great choice of a reputable breeder for a Russian. Welcome!

    baby hermann tortoise

    Hi, I’m a new Hermann’s mom as well. I’m not sure how to put a link to the care sheet on here, but go the the Hermann’s section and read the care sheet carefully. Some care will vary with age of the tortoise. You need to measure your humidity as well. I’m sure some more experienced people...
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    Selling hatchlings is so frustrating. Just a short rant.

    In defense of whoever typed, I have had autocorrect change sulcata to sulfate- if I did not check it just did it again- I’m having to retype. Otherwise, I don’t sell animals, but really admire those who do care where their animals go and do their best to make sure that they will have the best...
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    Noob......indoor enclosure DIY plans

    If you can private message me about vet clinic, do so for any details. I do not see reptiles, and I actually worked at the clinic you mentioned for 15 yrs. if you’ve been a client there for a long time, you’ve probably seen me. Unless something has changed drastically in the last year and a...
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    UVB difficultly

    Yes, I have a meter. I guess maybe I could have worded it better. I’m set up for the 10.0 Zoomed T8 24 inch tube bulb with zoomed hood. I think that you probably have the heart of my question- will I need to adjust height a lot if I switch to make it the correct strength, and can I make it...
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    UVB difficultly

    Hi guys, I’ve had my hatchlings about a week and a half and I’m having trouble with my UVB bulbs or fixture. I am using the 10.0 T8 strip Reptisun bulb and it’s matching brand hood. One fixture I have is not working already. I have emails in to where I purchased it and ZooMed both...
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    New member with first tortoise!

    Adorable! Love it. Welcome.
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    Greenhouse/tortoise table build

    Your boys look so interested. You did such an amazing job building all that- you should be quite proud! They are amazing little creatures.