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    A question of mushrooms

    Thank you! Will do that!!
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    A question of mushrooms

    The only problem is when I say "pen" I am talking about an area of several acres that he can roam. Of course, he has his favorite areas and stays mostly around the home, I am sure that he has some burrows out there for when he feels like wandering for
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    A question of mushrooms

    That is a very good point.
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    A question of mushrooms

    Let's say that your tortoise is living in a very large pen that tends to naturally grow psilocybin mushrooms. I know they aren't poisonous cause he has definitely eaten some. My question is basically is my tortoise tripping balls and might he mistake me for a very large carrot? I know box...
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    To UVB or not to UVB that is the question (Redfoots)

    Having been to the Amazon, I couldn't agree with this more!! Many localities of Red Foot and virtually ALL Yellow Foots live in an environment that gets almost no sunlight at the ground level. In fact, when a tree falls there will be intense competition amongst plants for that tiny utopia of...
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    Need to get rid of tortoise

    I am a member of the Turtle and Tortoise Preservation Group and Chicago Herpetological Society, and also a Master Herpetologist certified by the Amphibian Foundation. I have a degree in Zoology with focus on herpetology from University of Michigan. I am starting a project with a few other people...
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    Baby Egyptian Tortoise from TortStork

    Incubation temp
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    Baby Egyptian Tortoise from TortStork

    No I didn't get Lucky from TortStork he is an 11 year old Pyxis arachnoides brygooi.
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    Baby Egyptian Tortoise from TortStork

    I also have Sulcata, Red Foot and Spider tortoises.
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    Baby Egyptian Tortoise from TortStork

    They aren't rocks. It I oyster shells which is what is the recommended substrate for baby Egyptians.
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    Baby Egyptian Tortoise from TortStork

    I just picked up my perfect baby Egyptian tortoise (Testudo kleinmanni) from Randy Betz (TortStork)! She was packed perfectly and within 5 minutes in her new home she was exploring! I could not possibly be happier and could not recommend TortStork higher!! Randy produces the highest quality...
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    First time tortoise owner

    7 ft is MORE than enough room for an adult Russian tortoise, Herman's tortoise and especially an Egyptian tortoise ( those are quite expensive though). I would agree not nearly enough for a Sulcata and would prefer more for a red foot also! Now you definitely need to increase the width by at...
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    My deepest condolences to Jerry Fife

    Jerry actually hatched Jasmine 27 years ago and raised her up to an egg-laying adult! 27 years is longer than most humans have been in his life!! There isn't anything too horrible that could be done to these 2 scumbags!! Tortoises are so gentle, inquisitive and personable and to lose her life...
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    Should sulcata breeding be regulated?

    Obviously there is a MAJOR problem with Sulcatas being overbred, but be VERY careful of wanting the government to get involved. First of all it would not be high priority, like drugs, and there are still tons of drugs around! The government tends to screw up whatever they touch and would be more...
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    Adult Female Pyxis arachnoides brygooi

    I just got a 10 year old male brygooi. I really want to do conservation/preservation breeding with this species! Are there any adult female brygooi out there that I could purchase for this? If someone has only female(s) I would be willing to buy the animal(s) plus give you the first hatchling...