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  • Murphy's law is a witch! No matter how good you treat some people, they will believe the worst of you at a drop.
    Fall is coming. Ready for a remodel of inside enclosures. Always something to do.
    Jodie - how old is the tort in your profile picture? I have not let Irwin roam my house yet....afraid I will lose him cause he's not that big yet. He will be 2 yrs in July and since I got him from my daughter last June - he has flourished (last I weighed him end of Feb he was 3lbs and almost 8 inches)
    Hello I just wanted let you know I bought CHE and also a thermometer for heat and humidity and it helped bump up the temps. On the warm side it's now 92 and the cool side 80 humidity is 50 percent not sure where a good spot for that should be. I STILL

    haven't bought temp gun haven't made it too home depot yet. But Leo my tort is more active and I am happy thank you again for all of your help!
    Lost my dry start baby, Butters. He was almost a year old and only 50 grams. Was really hoping he was going to make it.
    For the first time since changing Mort's enclosure, when I got home today, it was not trashed. Hoping he has finally settled in.
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