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  • Hi my name is Ian im a new owner of a Horesfield his 2 years old. The lady said his favourite food is Dandylion leaves out of the garden. Ive had to feed him with these instead of kale as i couldnt get into Aldi to buy some. He has eaten some of it but just wanted to know if it was safe for turbo the Horsefield Turtle to eat. i feel i should now this stuff thanks frm ian.
    I have a 4-year old healthy male Russian Tortoise I would like to sell for $200.00 to a responsible owner. He is so sweet, and his name is Borgie. He comes with everythhing he needs. He has a beautiful “Tortoise Palace”, which you can Google to see. They still sell them. That alone, was $250.00. He has substrate, lighting, water treatment, calcium, etc. Whoever adopts him will be all set!
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