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    Poor little thing got missed. If you scroll down a little, there's a section where food and hydration are discussed. You might consider reading that, since without those two key components, it probably took several weeks or more for it to starve to death. RIP
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    2016 sulcatas - het for ivory

    They are a couple weeks old now and doing really well. They are being raised in a humid environment with soaks twice daily which is evident by their super-smooth growth. They are fed a nutrient-rich diet consisting of Mazuri and chopped greens which are dusted with calcium supplement, as...
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    Baby sulcata's first peek into the world

    First one of this clutch to hatch. This particular little one is het for ivory. It is the product of ivory X het breeding. More pics to come!
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    Back With A Question About Leopards

    Of all of my torts, the ones that have the most issues going back in are one of my male stars, a female leopard and occasionally a male leopard. The female leopard that refuses is kind of unusual in that she is very tolerant of cold weather. She will cruise around and graze when the weather...
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    Are these PB S. African Leopards?

    So, Maggie and Molly, who were raised by Tom, are the two Gpp referenced in post #4? Then in post #5 Tom said that they were not pure. What's the deal, Tom?
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    "High-white" leopard tort youngster

    I figured I'd share a couple pics I took the other day.
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    Lovely Lil Leo ...

    Do you have any pics of the parents? I haven't seen any pics of the F2 offspring either. Do you happen to have any? I haven't seen any current pics of the "sunset hypos" but I would certainly be interested in seeing more. Seems like a waste to have just one het with so much potential value. I...
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    Thanks for sharing those pics. They look like they are doing very well. Can you update us with some plastron shots?
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    Hybrid - leopard and sulcata cross

    Thank you for sharing. He/she looks very nice.
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    They are looking great, Dean. I think I speak for everyone when I say that you are making me extremely anxious to acquire an ivory sulcata. I've got a yellowfoot that developed the "U" shape right from birth. It's interesting how some do that and then how some wait forever to give you even...
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    Love is in the air...

    Here's a little size comparison so you can see just big this girl is. I took this pic after running the sprinkler yesterday afternoon as it tends to get him a little excited...
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    All Out Fire Ant Assault

    Here in San Antonio, they are a real problem. I find them in my pens all the time but rarely do I find a mound. If I do, I isolate it with some sort of partition (wooden or wire mesh) and treat it. Once it's dead I use a shovel to remove the contaminated soil and replace with fresh soil...
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    Just hangin' out

    Yep. Male Gpp. Thanks for the kind words.
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    Just hangin' out

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    Leopard hatchling help

    It can facilitate fungal growth.