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    Day lengths in my tortoise enclosures

    How long have you been using these photoperiods, Mark? Have you experienced a difference in breeding/egg laying since using these?
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    New Indoor Build

    What are you keeping in here? Looks good, you'll be able to use that sized enclosure for a lot of different species. Three feet is a good depth to work with too if you only have the one point of access. You probably won't need that many heat emitters in an insulated chamber. I like to put mine...
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    Field Collected Kwangtungs?

    I imagine this is just a typo, because my understanding is that M.nigricans is extinct in the wild. These are also really small, but pretty cheap. Sent underground an email for more info. Anyone seen anything like this?
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    Galapagos Tortoises

    Thank you for sharing. Your pictures, videos, and writings are extremely valued.
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    Galapagos Tortoises

    That’s really great.
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    Actually wood mint, not wood betony. Stachys bullata
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    I think it’s stachys officinalis or wood betony.
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    Thank you all so much. I have one last plant if you’d be so kind:). Sage smell, fuzzy leaves/stem, pink flowers This one sprouted up in one of the cold frames:
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    Two more: #1 #2 Thank you:)
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    #1 aromatic, tall growth habit, silver furry stem #2 almost positive this is sow thistle #3 tall, weak growth habit, sticky stem and leaves Thank you [emoji1431]:)
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    Successful breeding of Cuora (Pyxidea) mouhotii

    Thank you for sharing. Beautiful turtles
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    Turtles For Sale (50% to a turtle organization)

    I have two turtles for sale. Details in the images. Price below. 50% of profit will be going to the Asian Turtle Program as they continue their great work with Rafetus Swinhoei. They, with the help of the TSA and WSU, have discovered an individual bringing the known worldwide total to four...
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    Galapagos Tortoises

    I’m sorry I am just getting back to this thread. I appreciate your honesty. I also favor the latter, but cautiously and with much care to what homes they are placed in. It seems to be the norm to pump out animals with no guidance as to how they should be cared for. Simply, an address and payment...
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    Water Pump Question

    Anybody have experience burying a water pump in gravel as opposed to the typical hose to bucket filter? I want to create a gravel bog in one of my stock tanks and have water filter through plant roots and grave to the pump. Another idea is creating a compartment for the pump... Thanks for any...
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    Looking for surplus anacharis and other water plants...

    Anybody have a surplus of water plants, especially anacharis, they want to send to NorCal? Happy to pay for shipping and return the favor with plants (prickly pear, tree collards, and grape vine starts), weeds (chickweed, dandelion, thistles, etc), and seeds of many kinds in the summer. Thanks...