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    Thank You for adding to the forum!

    Yeah I totally get it! I didn't want to come across as an a*hole, but in general I believe that every wild animal should stay wild. We have many hedgehogs for instance and you're allowed to help them out with water, a little house and meal worms for instance, but not allowed to take them in...
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    Thank You for adding to the forum!

    The shedding is a part of growing and completely natural, renewing skin so to speak. It'll be an ongoing process for the rest of his life. I know it's legal when you register etc and I'm glad you've done that. I don't mean to be mean, but he was wild/free and could live a wonderful free life in...
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    Thank You for adding to the forum!

    Flaking/shedding is a normal thing and you should let nature take its course. You don't have to help him with that with toothbrushes etc. You found him wandering your backgarden and I see you're from Vegas. They are natives. So he's wild then? My question is why did you take him, it's actually...
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    Comment by 'Kim&Tim' in media 'Can you find me?'

    It's the front😁👌🏼
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    Comment by 'Kim&Tim' in media 'Timmie'

    It's coco coir, or sometimes it's called coco peat as well.
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    Dumb Question about Russian Tortoise Sub-Species

    I have a 5 year old rescue russian who lived in a 12x12 inch enclosure, if that's what you want to call that, for 4 years, without uvb, water and with a lamp, so very hot. He's doing great now, but he still walks weird, a bit wide. In the beginning it was way worse, but now he climbs very...
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    Tort very weak (dying?)

    Yes... Hot lava folks😂🔥
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    Keeping 2 male Hermann's

    I have an 2.6 x 6.7 indoor and 6x6 outdoor for my tortoise. The indoor is home made and cost me maybe 50 bucks to make. You can see it in my media. It doesn't have to cost a lot to make something good and safe.
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    Tort very weak (dying?)

    Yes you're right. It came out impulsively, I'm only human
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    Tort very weak (dying?)

    Sure👌🏼 I use hot lava for mine. 🌋
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    Why is Mazuri so popular, I don't get it.

    Cool! I'm doing good too!
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    These pellets are not just hay. I'm talking about pre alpin or zoomed grassland/forest. I use pre alpin its different dried grasstypes, herbs, weeds, flowers. That's an excellent combo!
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    Tortoise food pellets are in general not hay/grass. The only ones I know are zoomed grasslands and forest. And pre Alpin, I use that. That's is, all the other pellets are mixes of corn, wheat, soy etc. Russians can definitely eat these hay/grass pellets, as the majority of tortoises, great...
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    Russian tortoise always sleeping

    Oh I'm so sorry😢 are you sure he passed? I always say this to people, to wait 48 hours. Sometimes they seem dead, especially when ill, but they're in a deep coma.
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    Personality between tortoise breeds

    I grew up with my grandpas tortoise (testudo graeca graeca), he bought him as an 8 year old in 1925, how old he was we don't know because wildcaught was the way the go back then. We think around 6/10. He came to live with my mom & us in 1985 untill he died in 2011. He was a great tortoise...