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    Chat thread 2.22

    Ummm…don’t know where the giant laughing emoji came from!?! What the heck lol
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    Chat thread 2.22

    You’re not missing out on anything It has been a frozen tundra for several months. I work for the provincial government. I’ve always worked downtown in the office, but when Covid hit, we were all sent home. I was one of the lucky ones who was able to make working from home a more permanent...
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    Chat thread 2.22

    Regina, Saskatchewan
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    Chat thread 2.22

    I can’t stand the cold weather either. I’m so grateful I am able to work from home and don’t have to go out on days like today. This winter, these temps have become far too common. It is also not normal to have temps this cold in late February either.
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    Chat thread 2.22

    I’d jump for joy for -1. Where I live, right now it’s -26 Fahrenheit and -42 with the windchill. 🥶
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    I need help

    I’m so sorry to hear about what Brooke and yourself are going through. I did a search of Brooke’s previous posts and the 3 she has right now are Leopard tortoises, and they’d still be quite young. Post 17 in the link below shows the 3 tortoises…...
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    What sex it my tortoise?

    I agree with Tom that your tortoise appears to be female. I have an almost 3 year old male Hermann’s tortoise who is similar in size to yours, and his tail is a lot wider and longer than what I see in your pictures. She’s cute!
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    New (2nd) Tortoises Children's Book

    I just ordered my copy off on I can’t wait to read it! :)
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    Fake plants??

    This is a highly debated topic. Some people will say not to use fake plants and some are the exact opposite. I used a lot of fake plants in my enclosure while I was waiting for some of my real plants to get more established. If you want to try using fake plants in your enclosure, make sure to...
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    Normally winter activity ?

    This is exactly how my Hermann’s tortoise acted during his first winter. It got to the point where he would be burrowed for days. If he didn’t come out on his own, every 2nd day I’d dig him up and soak him and put him in a pile of food and he would eat and maybe bask for a bit and back to...
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    Adult Russian Tortoise Smell and Humidity?

    Welcome to the forum @turtleneck_boy With regards to the fishy smell, is it possible ate something she wasn’t supposed to while not in her enclosure? Is the smell still present? Your tortoise should always Ben housed in her enclosure. Allowing them free roam of the house or living room is...
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    Moroccan Greek

    Welcome to the forum @Kramerica77 Thats awesome that you’re able to take in this tortoise. To answer your question about if an additional tortoise is recommended, that is a 100% no. 2 tortoises should not be housed together. One will always be dominant and it almost never ends well for one...
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    Hermann owners!

    Thank you so much! I think he’s pretty handsome too ? I got him from a private breeder in northern Saskatchewan.
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    Introducing Durin!

    Oh my goodness is he tiny!! What a sweet little face he’s got too. Thanks for posting pics of him. He is a lucky little guy, having such a great environment to grow up in. What is growing in the larger pot? I’m always looking for new plant ideas for my Hermann’s enclosure.
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    Mango & tank straight posted up

    I can’t believe how much little Mango has grown already! ? Tank is such a cool dude. So cute seeing him nestled into the substrate, just relaxing. ?