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  • My Leopard Tortoise is 2 years old and I live in Michigan. I have made her a indoor open enclosure and need help with a few questions. I have a 250 watt ceramic bulb for heat Hanging above the substrate about 1 foot away from it. I have a uvb light hanging about 2 feet away from the heat bulb. I am wondering about humidity without a cover. I have some live plants in it and have dandelion seeds and grass seed planted.
    I am wondering if this is normal or if this may be considered pyramiding. See the spaces between the shell sections? He is growing fast.
    I have grown some wild birdseed and need to know if I can feed the fresh shoots to him? Sunflower, white millet
    I just purchased a Leopard Tortoise from the Central Michigan Reptile show in Birchrun, MI. I will have lots of questions about him.
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