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    Eliza or Pepperoni?

    Hi all! I hope 2022 is treating you well! I’m happy to report that Pepperoni (or Eliza) is officially thriving. Thanks again for all the help almost three years ago! Anyways! I think they’re big / old enough to determine sex, and I was hoping for some help, as my fiancé and I aren’t 100%...
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    New Leopard Tortoise Not Eating

    Are you soaking her regularly? When ours wasn't eating, we did a few things, soaking them for long periods of time - we kept the tub on a heating pad, and changed the water with warm frequently. We'd leave them in their up to an hour or so -- letting them walk around in the water and build up...
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    New Leopard Tortoise Not Eating

    Hiii -- I was wondering how your tort was doing, and if they started eating? I know when ours was fairly picky we grated up yellow squash on their food every other day or so and it really helped increase their appetite. Did you reach out to the person you got them from to see what they'd had...
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    Mold or Bugs?

    The other morning I went to mist Pepperoni’s enclosure and noticed this white fuzzy-webby like stuff in a few places. It is not visible when dry, looks cleared up until misted. Is this some sort of spider issue? Mold? We just added some new substrate… we rinsed it, but now I’m kicking myself for...
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    A Year In The Life Of Cupcake

    I think I love her! It was so fun watching her grow up. Does she get to stay outside all day, or do you have an inside enclosure/area for Cupcake when it gets cool? I ask because we are looking to build an indoor space for winter, and I’d love to know about your setup!
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    Update on Blastoise (need feeding tips)

    Hii -- Just checking in -- How are they doing?
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    @Tom I am curious - Is that true of all tortoises?
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    Update on Blastoise (need feeding tips)

    Ours went through the same thing, they were 46g at “8-10months” // continuously went up and down for a little bit and then just kept going up once we got their conditions ideal // we also don’t know their gender yet and always say they/them, so people keep asking if we have more than one lol...
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    Leopard tortoise hatchling with white lines on shell

    @Tom - curious about this question — is tap water harmful due to the minerals or some other additives?
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    Update on Blastoise (need feeding tips)

    I’ve had success leaving them in their soak longer. Like, a lot longer. We soak ours for no less than 45 minutes every morning. We keep the tub on a heating pad, and continuously check the temp / add / change water. @Tom told me it’s like their little treadmill, and they should use it to gain an...
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    Eliza Pepperoni Update

    Hi all — Been awhile! I hope you’re all safe, healthy, and happy! By glancing over the few posts in this sub-forum, I’m guessing lil Pepperoni is still too small to determine sex. When I started here, I worried we’d lose them, I couldn’t get them about 50-75g. They’re now at 225, and...
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    New Growth - Pepperoni

    Hi all -- I hope you're all doing well and staying safe during these trying times. It's been awhile since I have posted, and if you remember, I had quite the rough time getting our little Leopard Tort set-up correctly. We got them in October and they were about 48 grams. Fast forward to...
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    Is it normal for a baby tortoise to make croaking sounds?

    Mine was making a clicking noise when we had the humidity too low in their enclosure. I've not heard them make the noise since we corrected that.
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    Leopard pardalis baby enclosure

    I think you just want a 50-75 watt fluorescent flood bulb. I found them at Lowe's, it was creating a basking spot around 110F, so @Tom suggested an inline rheostat to adjust the brightness slightly, since I couldn't adjust the height. Works really well. :)
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    Suggestions on breeders

    I am currently working through the same painstaking process you've described above, but it seems like with less success. It's been some of the most challenging months watching this little baby tort struggle... we got ours in October, they're just now hitting 60g which I'm thinking is a very...