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    Outdoor Tortoise Enlcosure ;)

    Looks great!! Did you do anything to treat the wood?
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    Drop One, Add One

    Box turtle
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    PVC or wood for outdoor enclosure frame

    Ok, great! Thanks! Didn’t know it could be painted. I got an exterior Rustoleum clear spray I’m using to seal the wood . Will that work?
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    PVC or wood for outdoor enclosure frame

    Good morning, I’m getting ready to finally build an outdoor enclosure for my turts and torts. I’ve been debating and somewhat agonizing over this. So I’d recently built a catio with pvcs. It’s fairly sturdy in the shade. That gave me the idea to use pvc to build a frame to support the chicken...
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    Plant ID

    It’d be good for shade
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    Plant ID

    I had a chamomile plant but it died. Maybe someone reseeded it. I had my chamomile in my herb raised garden. The “weed” grew in the shady part of my yard. It did not stink when I crushed it. I think you’re right. I hope it’ll grow again. I had to pull it up to bring to Armstrong garden center...
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    Drop One, Add One

    Face off
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    What should i feed my picky Box turtle

    Wow, I didn’t know that, thank you for sharing! From what I’d read, mealworms were definitely one of the recommended food to feed. And while I tried to give my babies a varied diet, mealworms were fed either weekly or every other week. I’ve just recently learned that two of my juveniles have...
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    I’m so sorry for your loss and sorry your pet suffered from bad information. You did what you thought was right. This has happened to many tort parents, unfortunately. At least there are very experienced people here who generously give of their time to share their knowledge. I hope it was...
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    Plant ID

    I’ll check when I get home. Thanks!
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    Outside enclosure upgrade

    Very clever
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    New here! Still in research phase

    How cute!
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    Plant ID

    Thank you Tom! Good advice, will do.
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    Plant ID

    Oh, haha, I misunderstood. Thanks Yvonne