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    Serious snail question...

    Thanks ever I love taking pictures and posting them for others to see. I'm retired so I have nuthin but time...
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    Serious snail question...

    thanks for all the compliments guys! I guess Scrappy has eaten enuf...look at how she is headed off to
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    Serious snail question...

    The guy next door to me is a 'natural' gardener and he told me in the early 1800's a European duke wanted escargot, so he imported these snails to eat...I'm old now so I know picking up poop barehanded won't hurt, and snail slime won't hurt and I do pick snails and slugs barehanded if I spot a...
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    Serious snail question...

    It rains 7 months out of the year in Oregon. There are some benefits to so much rain...slugs and snails are one. There are 55 snails and slugs in this bucket, all acquired in one collecting session. I feed my box turtles a good varied diet. But I really want to know if a turtle can eat too many...
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    The "essence" of torting

    Yeah, I know about Yvonne....she's my sister...yep....
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    The "essence" of torting

    Oh lord! It's been so long since I've seen a nice Sulcata like that, I didn't know what species he was for a minute...he's old?
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    Trying to move her out...

    Your relationship with her is spot on....the 2 of you are crazy fit together...
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    Who knew?

    Poor kitty...
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    What Went Wrong?

    Some of our experts recommend just what she said, I personalloy don't like "ecoearth" I think it's too messy for me. I also think your warm side is not warm enuf...needs to be 85. I don't think you had much to do with his death. It takes a long time for them to die once they reach that...
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    Who likes baby tortoises but can’t sustain an adult

    Hey y'all...I want a RF tortoise. I DO have 4 empty pens now...just not big enuf for Sulcata.
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    Free Hatchling Burmese Star Tortoise

    Nope....and I'm trying for RF really.
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    So gross!

    I try very hard to feed my box turtles a good diet....but at times it's really hard to make myself do is the champion slug and snail eater...The eastern Box turtle...Ginger!!! Slugs are bad but snails are sooo nasty The nictitating membrane in both eyes swells when she eats snails or...
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    Free Hatchling Burmese Star Tortoise

    ME!!! I am...look down...see me??? I so NEED a Star!!!
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    THE Road Widening - A Continuing Saga

    Well, I guess they are taking care of her financially, but the damage done to the plants and earth, matches the damage done to the hearts of those of us who partnered in her yard. When I drove truck and when I went to someplace interesting I brought back part of it,...cactus from Texass, ferns...
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    Gluing stuff to shells

    I just had thought...(rare)... you are going to some lengths to make it easier to catch a wayward tortoise...why not use that very same energy and knowledge to make his pen escape proof?