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    Rachel and Abner brought me a Present

    I have been trying to trap feral cats and remove them from my vicinity, and I trap by accident possums. I used to have so many rats I saw them in the daytime. So every time I got a possum I'd release it by the tort shed. Pretty soon they were living under the tort shed and over time the rats...
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    Russian tort ear abscess or scute injury?

    Something in her throat maybe?
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    Summer outdoor enclosure for my sulcata

    Members here have always said, oh Maggie your cinderblock pens are so cool...I move the blocks to change size or to let 2 pens rest while the third pen is grazed down. With my 120 lb plus Sulcata, I made the fence 3 high. But I am only 5'6" tall now so stepping over 3 high for me is lousy...
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    tortoise going camping

    QUOTE="jsheffield, post: 1947869, member: 111457"] I think the general consensus has been that this is unnecessary stress for the tort, most of which don't respond well to change or stress; also the heat-pad, which again was generally regarded as a potential risk to the tort. I'm not saying...
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    New Member - Sulcata - Ohio zone 6b, USA

    T Calcium twice a week just a pinch....
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    tortoise going camping

    Why wouldn't it work out for him? Have you taken turtles with you traveling? I have a lot and I have not ever seen a stressed out turtle because of traveling. They sleep in that dark box.
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    tortoise going camping

    If I leave the lights off, my turtles stay sleeping. I'm sure most turtles act like this. It's nothing unusual. I'm just not sure about this "less stressful" stuff. How do we know that whatever is "stressing out a turtle". How does a stressed out turtle act? I don't know that statement is true...
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    Summer outdoor enclosure for my sulcata

    The B I Plywood, as big as you CAN make it. He's small he doesn't need really big yet. He's special so if he were mine he'd get different lettuces, kale, mustard, locally grown grass hay, and more. Also, I'd feed him twice a day morning and evening. for a while. If he can graze in your yard let...
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    Summer outdoor enclosure for my sulcata

    Is there sugar? Oh wonderful, thanks...
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    Summer outdoor enclosure for my sulcata

    I live in the PNW with Sulcata. I have a tort shed as my Sulcata were bigger. Yours is small, you can't build a heated box? Also be careful with that cannot make up now for previous neglect. read this, maybe it will help...
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    Getting Concerned

    Also it does not eat fruit...
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    Killer Tortoise

    I watched Gopherus agassizii snatch a bluebelly who was basking in the sun on my fence. He killed the lizard then ate it...
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    tortoise going camping

    I understand his fear of the small tortoise flipping over since I've been given this damn redfoot who flips over daily. However, @bulbasaurthetort, I will support you in taking the tort with you...but you need to realize I am the only one saying it's alright. Think about that...I have almost 20...
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    tortoise going camping

    Everybody will tell you it's a bad idea...'cept me. Keep him in the dark and quiet on the ride. Set him up first thing after getting there. Pick a spot that is quiet and if it's sunny, make sure he has shade. Care for him the same way and time as home. Don't be picking him up and showing him...
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    I am ok today...lungs hurt but oh well...and I want to cut my nose off...