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  • Hi TFO members. Am a new tortoise mom, after acquiring a 3-month old sulcata tortoise last month. I have learned so much about caring for my baby sulcata, just by reading the exchanges. Am looking forward to learning how to address concerns in raising tortoises, especially from those living in tropical areas.
    I, too, just got a young Sulcata…this past was very small, now has doubled in size…it’s in 55 gallon tank with all correct lighting, small dish water and 2 temperature gauges…
    I should put dark
    tape around tank, us this helpful?? So much conflicting info..feed fresh greens along with dry red clover or dandelion, also
    Repashy calcium plus..
    I want to know if this is a healthy start for Turtilini..
    thank you
    Welcome to TFO. There is so much to learn from the exchanges here. You have to sift through this wealth of information and see what best applies to your situation. There is a care sheet by @Tom that has been updated from time to time. Good health to Turtulini.
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