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Recent content by Melis

  1. Melis

    Thank you!!

    Thank you!!
  2. Melis

    Lego wheelchair for box turtle at Maryland zoo

    I’m sure they would find a rescue for him if he doesn’t fully heal :)
  3. Melis

    Overgrown beak

    Did they give you a breakdown of what that price would cover? That’s crazy.
  4. Melis

    New tortoise (Which should I get?)

    I also assumed she was very young by all of her posts.
  5. Melis

    Happy Birthday @Toddrickfl1

    Happy belated!
  6. Melis

    want tortoise kit.

    Hello. It’s great to see all your activity since you’re so new to the forum. I see that you are asking a lot of questions and a lot of members have been posting some great links for you. Have you read through any? I’ve seen a few posts you have made that contain inaccurate information. I...
  7. Melis

    Total body edema

    Thinking of you guys :<3:
  8. Melis

    A mouse in the house

    I have no mouse advice, but that all sounds like something I would do lol. Hope all is well with your family.
  9. Melis

    Google Map of the TFO membership and tortoise population

    Who’s point 11? I think we all need to plan a visit to the middle of the Caribbean lol
  10. Melis

    Help please still not sure about enclosure

    @KarenSoCal and @Yvonne G are both from your neck of the woods. Maybe they can offer some ideas for rehoming these little ones?
  11. Melis

    It's Linda's Birthday!

    Happy birthday!
  12. Melis

    Pretend Chat 2.14

    And who is this new addition??
  13. Melis

    Color changing Koi

    Pond pictures please!
  14. Melis

    Trade Redfoot for.......?

    Is it still not eating? Why do you want to trade?