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    Flooring in outdoor enclosure?

    Yeah I kept two whole boxes for repairs I did the whole house closet s and all. This flooring is the craziest stuff I ever saw it dosent lock together it just sets down next to each other the call it loose lay I got I cause m kids would scratch floor in my old house but it was to hard to replace...
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    Flooring in outdoor enclosure?

    Thanks for all the help guys it’s a no go. To bad it would of been nice lol
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    Flooring in outdoor enclosure?

    Hey everyone I just recently redid my floor of my house and I used luxury vinyl plank. I had left over pieces and I was about to start building his out door house. And was gonna ask if y’all thought it would be ok to use my left over vinyl plank for the floor in his house or should I just let...
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    Trying to eat rocks normal?

    It’s like he seeks out rocks and try’s to eat them I literally have to follow him around and make sure he doesn’t find one lol. Will it hurt him if he manages to actually eat one?
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    Moving day last day for secil at the casa!!

    Roaming the empty house lol
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    Thought this was funny! (For the star wars fans)

    Just found this on five miles lol
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    Edible for sulcata?

    Not sure if he can eat these.
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    He did some exploring!

    Yes I've had that scare not long ago I had to run into my house and I had my oldest daughter keep an eye on him and kids being kids she had her iPod and looked away for maybe 15 second I came back out I was gone maybe 3 minutes and I said where is he and she said he's right there . And I...
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    He did some exploring!

    Every time we go out side he heads straight for the woods lol. Normally I'm right there ready to grab him. This time I set back for a few just to see what he would do. He patrolled the high grass until he can to a little opening and then he made his break lol. So when I lost visual I proceed...
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    Great end to a great day!!

    Thank y'all. Next time I'll get my wife to take the pic of us sitting out there lol
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    Great end to a great day!!

    Watching the sunset with my buddy. He's wishing he could take off into the woods lol